BIHAR PRAVAI SAMMELAN brings platform for investor, industrialist, educationalist and scientist to seat together & analyze business development, innovation, employment generation, and industry-setup opportunity in Bihar. Now, Bihar is open market for any investor or industrialist to grow their business with minimal market competition. For service based industry, Bihar is a right place; where you can get manpower, skill developer, and resource with minimal cost. The programme will work a bridge between Bihar Pravasi industrialist and Bihar government for development of Bihar. The programme brings exposure for all Bihari who are interested to play their role for Industry Setup, Employment creation, and support to improve the quality of medical and engineering education. Here, your business or investment is not only meant of profitable income, it also represents that still you have love, care and affection with your motherland. Anyways, you are doing your business or investments in various areas of globe. However, we argue that give your business or investment in Bihar to reduce unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, improve poor quality of medical & technical education, and explore the innovation. It  is one kinds of awareness programme for Bihari to bring their concentration for development of Bihar.

BIHAR is an Indian state and part of Eastern-Northern India. It is the 13th-largest state of India, with an area of 94,163 km2. Bihar has good water source and agricultural land. Majority of population depend on agriculture. Bihar is is birth place of Lord Budhha, and Samrat Ashoka,Aryabhatha, Chankya, Guru Govind Singh. There are hues number of business opportunities are available in Bihar. Because, Bihar is still developing state where industrialist, educationalist and investor can establish their business in various sector, like  Paper & Sugarcane Industry, IT,  ITES Service, Manufacturing & Design, Leather, Food processing, Textile, Technical education, Medical education Agriculture, Power and Energy system etc. Government of Bihar is offers various types of mutual benefit to Investors, Industrialist, and Educationalist to run their business in Bihar.

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