List of Distinguished Panelist

Panelist Name and Affiliation

Hon. Keith Muhakanizi

He is the Secretary to the Treasury of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uganda & Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development of the Republic of Uganda

Topic : “Comforting Cyber Crimes in Central Government and Local Government Financial System in Africa”

  H.E Shri Sanjay Mohapatra
He is the President Computer Society of India

Topic : “: Understanding and Confronting Cyber Crimes in India and Africa;Promoting India ICT Investments in Africa 

H.E. Dr. Raj Vakil Siddiqui

Chairmen SAARC Educational Academy (SEA… of knowledge, learning and excellence) –  (S.E.A.) is established at Nagpur.

Topic : “Setting up of IT Parks for promoting IT-ITeS business in Africa

  H.E Mohan Singh Sudan
Vice Chariman, India Africa ICT Summit 2017
International Ambassador,Asia-Africa Development Council (ADCO)

Topic : “Cooperation on Capacity Building and HRD

  H.E Prof Rajendra S Shirole 
International Strategic Consultant,Professor of International Business and Strategy at the Hult International Business School.
Topic : “International ICT Strategies and Joint Venture Business Growth between Africa and Asia

Mr. K. H. Patel, 

Former Indian High Commissioner to Uganda and Ambassador to Rwanda and Burundi.

Topic : “Expansion and Scope for Global Society and Social Exchange between Africa and Asia

  H.E Prof D. Chnadasharam
Department of Earth Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
Topic : “e-Governance exchange programme
  H.E Prof B.K Gupta
Cultural Ambassadors, The 2017 India Africa ICT Summit,Exhibition and Directory
International Advisor, Asia-Africa Development Council (ADCO)


H.E Prof D. R. Mehta,IAS

Administrator and regulator, Government of Rajasthan. Mr. Mehta has extensive and diverse experience of administration and management of public affairs.

Topic : “ Peace and Sustainability development in Asia Africa Region


domestic market in India has changed quite a bit in recent years. Indian population is growing at a rate of about 1.6% per annum which in fact has raised India’s status into a large and growing market of agricultural and food products. Food has become the single largest component of private consumption expenditure, accounting for as much as 53% of the total.



former high commissioner to kenya , Grover signed an India-Kenya credit pact on behalf of the Indian government.From August 1984 until February 1989 he was  indian ambassador to turkey