List of Distinguished Panelist

Panelist Name and Affiliation

Hon. Keith Muhakanizi,Secretary to the Treasury of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uganda & Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development of the Republic of Uganda

Shri Sanjay Mohapatra,President Computer Society of India
Dr. Raj Vakil Siddiqui,Chairmen SAARC Educational Academy (SEA… of knowledge, learning and excellence) –  (S.E.A.) is established at Nagpur.
Mohan Singh Sudan, Vice Chariman, India Africa ICT Summit 2018, International Ambassador,Asia-Africa Development Council (ADCO)
H.E Prof Rajendra S Shirole , International Strategic Consultant,Professor of International Business and Strategy at the Hult International Business School.

Mr. K. H. Patel, Former Indian High Commissioner to Uganda and Ambassador to Rwanda and Burundi.

Prof D. Chnadasharam, Department of Earth Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
Prof B.K Gupta, Cultural Ambassadors, The 2017 India Africa ICT Summit,Exhibition and Directory
International Advisor, Asia-Africa Development Council (ADCO)
Prof D. R. Mehta,IAS, Administrator and regulator, Government of Rajasthan. Mr. Mehta has extensive and diverse experience of administration and management of public affairs.
Dr. M J KHAN CHAIRMAN-ICAR,  domestic market in India has changed quite a bit in recent years. Indian population is growing at a rate of about 1.6% per annum which in fact has raised India’s status into a large and growing market of agricultural and food products.
MR VINOD ROWER- FORMER SECRETORY, MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS  , former high commissioner to kenya , Grover signed an India-Kenya credit pact on behalf of the Indian government.